Microsoft Teams Cloud Gateway Setup

Four Easy Steps

New Customers must add SRV records for custom domains
  • 1

    Step One

    After requesting access to the service, you will receive an email to ask you to authorize the applications. Click the link "Initiate consent..."
  • 2

    Step Two

    Another page will open as shown, where again you will need to click on "Initiate Consent..."
  • 3

    Step Three

    Follow the instructions to log in with your O365 account and then click "Accept" when prompted. This process will happen twice, once for trusted devices and once for untrusted devices.
  • 4

    Step Four

    Finally, a confirmation page verifies that the consent was successfully provided. On this page, you'll also find the PowerShell script. Copy and run this.
  • 5

    & Finally

    After this, the settings will need to propagate and you will receive a final email from us when the service is ready
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