Google Hangouts Meet Gateway Setup

Five Easy Steps

New Customers must add SRV records for custom domains
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    Step One

    Once we enable your Hangouts Gateway interoperability within our system, you’ll receive an initial email with instructions on enabling the feature within your Google Admin pages and generating a security token to upload to us. This will establish the trust relationship between you and ISDM Cloud
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    Step Two

    After entering the Google Admin Console and "Gateways for Interoperability", click on "Add Gateway":
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    Step Three

    You now give the token an appropriate name, e.g. "PexipInterop":
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    Step Four

    Save and upload the security token to Pexip. It includes entering the PIN provided in the first email.
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    Step Five

    Note that the token generated will be set to 'untrusted' as default by Google. Change this to "trusted"
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    & Finally

    You’ll receive a confirmation email from Pexip saying the service has been configured and you can start using the service.
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